New Jersey Camps Government Affairs Project

NJC-GAP raises money to support the Camp Industry in the State of New Jersey by monitoring and responding to all legislation and regulation that may impact any and all children’s camps.

We forge relationships with government officials and regulators, making them aware of our profound youth development and economic impact. NJC-GAP partners with the NJBIA, the American Camp Association and its legislative committees, and similar camp industry legislative groups across the country.

Regardless of what kind of Camp you run, NJC-GAP works for you!

Membership benefits include

  • Immediate notification of changes in laws and regulations
  • An extensive network of experienced camp directors to share all aspects of operating a camp in New Jersey
  • Immediate access to our professional consultant/lobbyist and lawyers
  • Discounts from our business partners

Twenty or so years ago, the New Jersey Camp Industry consisted mostly of agency Camps led by job-juggling directors and private Camps led by school teachers. Camps didn’t begin enrolling until the mid-Winter or Spring, and the laws and regulations that were discussed in Trenton were hardly noticed- as Trenton didn’t seem to notice Camps much anyway. In recent years though, the landscape has changed. Camps are now directed by full-time Camp Professionals who enroll campers, hire staff, and work on their facilities 12 months per year. As suburbia has spread, more families now seek childcare and enriching experiences for their children through the many fine Camps which New Jersey has to offer. Over the last few years, the economic landscape has also changed, pressuring regulatory agencies to create new rules, tightly reinterpret and enforce the old ones, and gain revenue from as many avenues as possible.

New Jersey Camps have become acutely aware of the importance of representation in Trenton, and since 2006, NJC-GAP has employed the efforts of experienced Trenton lobbyist Claudine Leone. The results have been immediate and substantial! From rewriting the Health Dept. Camp Regulations, to the Climbing Wall exemption, to our work with the Dept. of Community Affairs and Dept. of Labor, NJC-GAP is seen nationally as an amazing example of how targeted advocacy can lead to immediate change for the better.
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Unfortunately, NJC-GAP and our ACA partners cannot subsidize our government affairs project alone. Every Camp in New Jersey needs to pitch in and contribute to this essential effort. Our purposely affordable dues chart is below:

Annual Dues Structure to be paid annually:

  • PRIVATE CAMPS – $2.50 per camper, Max. $600
  • NON-PROFIT CAMPS – 1 week’s fee, Max. $300
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS – Not affiliated with a particular Camp or Business: $100
  • BUSINESS MEMBERS – Includes listing on website and all printed materials: $400